Penny Bright TPPA Submission

Penny Bright’s TPPA submission highlights EXACTLY where the public focus should be on this issue!

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KiwiRail delivers a reality check at Grow Northland Rail meeting in Whangarei

Source: Stuff
Date: 6 April 2016
Author: Danica Maclean

Grow Northland Rail campaign organiser Alby Barr introduces the speakers and the critique panel.

State-owned enterprise KiwiRail says the cost to get the Northland rail network operating the same as other regions is somewhere between $700 million to a billion dollars.

Asset manager Dave Gordon provided those who packed into the April 4 Grow Northland Rail public seminar at Forum North with a breakdown of this estimate. Continue reading

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Beneficiaries are being monitored on social media

Date: 10 February 2016
Author: Kate Pereyra Garcia

The Ministry of Social Development is monitoring social media. Photo: 123RF

The Ministry of Social Development is monitoring social media to catch beneficiaries who are defrauding the system.

It was reported in Australia that investigators there were trawling the social media accounts of people on welfare to spot fraudsters.

Contractors there had trawled through Facebook pages, Twitter streams and eBay accounts, discovering more than $2 million in fraud. Continue reading

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Government committing treason against dairying industry

Date: 16 March 2016
Author: Winston Peters

The government is trying to appear stoical but the depressing decline in dairying and its impact on the country cannot be denied.

We are facing a crisis. One agricultural consultant said this week after Fonterra cut its forecast milk payout to $3.90 that a quarter of dairy farmers, sharemilkers as well, could be vulnerable to going under. Continue reading

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Are Maori Being Misled Over 1080 Poison Drops?

Date: 22 March 2016
Author: Clyde Graf

Clyde Graf – The Graf Boys

Information provided by the Department of Conservation and TBFree states that over 470,000 hectares of New Zealand forests are planned to be aerially spread with 1080 poison in the year to June 2016. This quantum excludes most of DoC’s Battle for the Birds program, and council operations. Continue reading

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New Zealand Faces ‘Catastrophic’ Marijuana Shortage

Date: 20 March 2016
Author: Christina Sarich

The marijuana plant seems to have gained such popularity in New Zealand that the country is facing a pot shortage, but it isn’t just because stoners like to get high. Earlier this month, police seized 9000 plants in an annual aerial operation, which affected both outdoor and indoor growing of the highly-desired flowering herb. Continue reading

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Meanwhile in New Zealand it compulsory for all cyclists to wear a Helmet

Date: 16 March 2016
Author: Matthew Miller

 In New Zealand it’s compulsory to a wear a helmet to protest our Nanny State Laws In Denmark People use their own commonsense to protest themselves while riding a bicycle

When I decide to write article about why New Zealand Nanny State Laws are just ridiculous and have nothing to with safety but to generate revenue. When look on the Conspiracy Oz and in the article “In Oz we HAVE to wear plastic Bicycle Helmets to protect our Nanny State Laws – ConspiracyOz” that in Australia; in New Zealand same laws apply. Continue reading

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New Zealand’s largest worm farm will be in the South Waikato

Source: Stuff
Date: 1 March 2016
Author: Frances Ferguson

A scientist has chosen the South Waikato to develop the country’s largest worm farm.

A pioneering idea to turn waste from Oji Fibre Solutions, in Kinleith, and Fonterra, in Lichfield, into fertile soil was a “nice fit” for Dr Michael Quintern who owns Mynoke.

“We were very pleased they picked up the idea to see the wider picture and trying to support our primary sector, like agriculture, horticulture and forestry,” Quintern said.

Dr Michael Quintern harvests 1.2 billion worms at his sites in the South Waikato.

Dr Michael Quintern harvests 1.2 billion worms at his sites in the South Waikato. FRANCES FERGUSON/FAIRFAX NZ

“We created the biggest party in New Zealand for 1.2 billion worms. We have free food, drink and accommodation.” Continue reading

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NZ Standard Fails To Protect Against Biological Harm Caused By Radiofrequency EM radiation

The NZ Standard, NZS2772:1 1999 protects only against the immediate “heating effects” of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, (RFR), based on occupational exposure of fit men for short period of time. It is 4500 mW/m2 when biological effects from RFR can be found at level of 0.1 mW/m2 and below. Thus, it offers no protections against longer term cumulative “biological effect” on cell function and replication, hormonal functions, brain function, allergies/electro-sensitivity etc.

There is considerable evidence of a wide range of biological effects at much lower exposure levels than those permitted by NZS2772:1, but this evidence is all rejected or ignored by the NZ government’s advisory committee due to inconsistencies between different studies, lack of controls, lack of replicated studies and for a range of other spurious reasons.

Many states – including Russia, Italy, France, Belgium, Israel, China- urge considerable more precaution than the NZ government.

The maximum permitted limit is NZ is very high, by Parts 9 and 10 of NZS2772:1 1999 do require some precautionary action – however these are often ignored.

Text above by Nelson lawyer, Sue Grey. Her talk on wifi in schools can be found on YouTube.

For further information visit:, Dr Magda Havas’ work and that of Dr Martin Blank in regard to EMFs.

Paul Waddell is a New Zealand expert in this field. His talks can be found on YouTube also

My Conclusion Having the exposure limit of 4.500 mW/m2 is way too high and even worse the NZ government ignores the EMF exposure study. I cover an article from Natural News New Zealand boy dies after battle with brain cancer: Wi-Fi and wirelessly connected iPod likely culprits This about a boy name Ethan Wyman died of cancer after his 11 month battle with cancer after he was diagnosed with brain tumors just three months after he was given an iPod with a Wi-Fi connection. Ethan’s parent discover that he was sleeping with the iPod under his pillow. Sleeping with a either a cell phone or tablet with Wi-Fi actively being connect under a pillow you pretty much playing Russian roulette with Wi-Fi.
What can we do to reduce our exposure to EMF radiation? Answer is simple by replacing wireless with wired. You always turn off your Wi-Fi either your laptop or smart phone or tablet to minimize your exposure to EMF radiation. Maybe a try 30 day trial to disconnect from wi-fi and use wired network and see the benefit for yourself. once you see the benefit after you stop using wireless network for 30 days you might not want to go to back using wi-fi because of the health effect our bodies.

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Man Has $5400 Stolen By ANZ Bank To Pay Unlawful Council Rates!

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

“Mangawhai ratepayers and residents face massive rates rates increases, initially proposed at +1800% to raise money for a “sewerage scheme” it turns out that something much more sinister and far smellier is in the works.
No democracy, no accountability, no rights and no access to justice, worst case scenario right? Well how about the disputed rates payments that are before the high court being stolen directly from citizens bank accounts?
So much stolen that you can’t even make your next mortgage payement?
This might be one of the most important cases in recent New Zealand local government and yet the media are completely ignoring it and leaving those in this community to fight for themselves.
Luckily, people like Alan Preston and chairman of The Mangawhai Residents And Ratepayers Association Bruce Rogan are there to give light to this very important issue!”

Info from video information section

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